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We empower citizens to design their future city,
together with the municipality and local businesses,
so they can create a better place to live and work in.


The Knowledge Compass is a curated and private online space for project teams at municipalities, knowledge institutions and corporations that work on Smart City challenges. more


Crowd-sourcing of new insights. We activate the collective intelligence of citizens and make transparent what they think the city’s strengths, opportunities and weaknesses are.


Co-creation sessions in which participants work together to develop solutions to city problems. Includes expert guidance, visual presentation of outcomes and realization strategy.


With our network of urban innovation experts we develop custom city concepts and implement projects from initiation to launch. We assemble the right expertise for each city challenge.



The Knowledge Compass is a curated and private online space for project teams at municipalities, knowledge institutions and corporations. For teams that develop Smart City projects that innovate in fields such as mobility, city marketing, tourism, energy, safety and social communities.


The Knowledge Compass combines inspirational trends, projects and emerging technologies with fresh insights from users and experts and tools & games for creative concept development.



As we’ve entered the age in which the majority of people live in cities, we are as a result also faced with our generation’s biggest challenges. Challenges that impact the livability and resilience of our cities and have raised the urgency of cities to become Smart Cities. New innovations and technologies are continuously explored to find breakthroughs in areas such as mobility, energy, health, education and social cohesion. Municipalities work together with academia, (creative) industry and sme’s to shape the landscape of the future city.


Many traditional systems have broken down the last 5 years and new ones have emerged. We have moved to the era of open data, crowd-funding, sharing economies, quantified self and personal fabrication. The time of the Smart Citizen is upon us: people self-organize, create new services and products (online) and find new ways of distribution and sharing information. They are certainly not just consumers.


One of the essential ingredients of Smart Cities is civic participation. Nowadays citizens are often excluded from the decision making process. They often feel unheard, not even facilitated to contribute. When asked to share their opinion, they tend to answer that their contribution will not have any impact anyway. Never forget: citizens are professionals, intrinsically motivated to help their city and need to adopt new solutions in the end anyway. To come to successful smart solutions, cities need to harness the creative power of their people.


Cities Next is an agency for civic innovation design. A global network of urban innovation experts. We design projects and tools that empower citizens to co-create Smart City scenarios. We make citizens explicit stakeholders by connecting their creativity to the real-life challenges of their city and supporting the dialogue with city officials and companies that develop for smarter cities.


We combine our experience in Participatory Design, Gamification and Startup Canvasing into a single design process that helps inspire and connect stakeholders to create visions that change the city. Learn more…
















Cities are constantly evolving, becoming smarter day-by-day. We collect innovative projects in mobility, health, sustainability, economy, education and public space that hopefully inspire others to create better cities. Browse our project overview or explore projects on a map.


Bus Meister uses an on-line game, social networking and a

Personal Travel Assistent

In September 2008, Waag Society made a video for the City of

Water Stencil

Bei Reverse Graffiti (frei übersetzt: “umgekehrtes

Greenified Bus Roofs

Initiator: Marc Grañén (Landschaftskünstler) & Grupo

Bushaltestelle wirbt fürs Energie-sparen

Projekt 1: Livegreen Toronto, Kanada (Agentur: Agency59)

The social swipe

Dieses Projekt fasziniert durch seine User Experience und

Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways

Initiator: Barclay Land (City): London (UK) Ziel: sich

CycloCable – CycElevator for Cyclists

Land (City): Norway (Trondheim) Ziel: Menschen zum Radfahren


We feature work of visual artists with a passion for cities on Cities Next. Current artist is Ukranian Aleksey Kislow who creates dream-like murals. Contact us if you would like to suggest an artist or have your work featured.


Ronald Lenz


Ronald  is an urban innovation expert & entrepreneur with a focus on mobile.

Daniela Krautsack


Daniela is an educated media strategist, culturepreneur, futurologist and founder of Cows in Jackets.



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