We combine our experience in Participatory Design, Gamification and Startup Canvasing into a single design process that helps inspire and connect participants to create visions that change the city.


We open up the design process as much as possible and have all stakeholders actively involved from the start. When democratizing design and incorporating collective intelligence, new insights come to the surface and better services and products are made.


We believe in the power of play when trying to solve real world problems. We integrate game mechanics in the process of concept creation and suggest them as part of final concepts for end users. Play can prove a powerful driving force for Motivation, Activation and Collaboration.


Startup canvasing can help transform concepts into viable initiatives with a solid business model. We are advocates of this approach because it maximizes the potential impact of each concept and also makes you think of the long term consequences.


We cover the entire life cycle of concept development. From helping design the initial brief, all the way to launching the best ideas. Here are the different stages.


It all starts with a clear definition of the city challenge that needs solving. We make sure all angles and aspects of the problem are covered and all stakeholders involved. The outcomes are then translated into a strong (visual) statement that serves as a ‘call to action’ to inspire all involved in creating solutions.


In our creative process we move from inspiration to ideation to collaboration. Inspiration comes from (our) online resources and real life insights research. Ideation is guided by creative playful exercises and we ensure collaboration through feedback loops and team interaction.


All created city concepts are carefully evaluated and bundled together into a visually engaging presentation that is in return communicated to all stakeholders. Together with the municipality we investigate how the best concepts can be launched and can become available to the citizens.